This Fake Charmin Commercial Pokes Fun At The Toilet Paper Shortage

YouTube / Javi Comerciales 2013

With all the hysteria going on inside the United States over the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s nice to see that some folks still manage to keep their sense of humor – and that’s exactly what one person did when they made this fake Charmin commercial!

Due to people not keeping their heads on straight and literally ravaging the supermarkets of gobs of necessities, many regions across the US have experienced a toilet paper shortage.

Some people have wondered if COVID-19 causes unstoppable diarrhea and this is why people are literally stockpiling massive amounts of toilet paper. However, the truth is that COVID-19 does not cause excessive pooping.

People are just panicking because they think they won’t ever be able to find toilet paper until the virus is contained. A fact which the major toilet paper manufacturers – like Georgia Pacific, makers of Angel Soft and Quilted Northern – have disputed.

Georgia Pacific has been able to ramp up shipments by 20% to meet demand and their facilities are still running in full-force. So, while you might see some bare shelves, there isn’t actually a “shortage” – people are just buying way more than they need and hoarding it.

Because of this wild mindset of some consumers, a crafty person decided to remake a funny 2014 Fiber One commercial to poke fun at the new “hunger” our nation has for toilet paper.

Check out the funny commercial below and let us know if you got a good laugh out of it!