This Old Grain Silo Turned Tiny Home Is A Must-See

Tiny House Listings / YouTube

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are willing to live door-to-door with their neighbors, and those who need wide open spaces. Unfortunately for the latter, it can come at a price. But for one genius family in Florida, they’ve figured out how to get luxury living and acres of land – all for a great price!

An Old Silo

There has been growing interest in the “tiny home” trend over the past few years. You’ve probably seen them in a variety of shapes and sizes but a repurposed silo? Now that’s country!

Tiny House Listings / YouTube

Upscale Rustic

While the 454 sq. ft. house in Lake City, FL might look (and sound) small, every inch of the place has a purpose and has been designed to be rustic yet upscale. You’ll feel right at home with the wooden ceilings and metal accents. The “farm” elements run throughout the entire place – making it cozy and comfortable.

Tiny House Listings / YouTube

Speaking of comfortable, there is a circular living room perfect for entertaining as well as a roof-deck where you can enjoy some beautiful views.

Tiny House Listings / YouTube

And if you’re worried about the basics, they’ve got you covered. To bring the feeling of outdoor farm buildings – like silos – into the home, they used corrugated metal inside the showers for that authentic feel.

Tiny House Listings / YouTube

Even the kitchen pulls the farm-feel in. The full kitchen includes a spacious, retro fridge and freezer as well as a trendy farm sink and sliding barn door. With open shelves and plenty of cabinets and counter space – it will be a breeze to prepare meals for friends and family in this kitchen!

In Comparison

The best part about this beautiful tiny home? You get 25 acres, 30 riding trails, and 7,000 feet of “no climb” horse fence – all for just $200,000 dollars. In comparison, 5 acres of land without any building done to it could cost you upwards of a million!

Check out the full video of your new dream home below and let us know what you think. Could you live in this tiny home?