This Video Of Reba & Kellie Pickler Playing Christmas Charades Is Guaranteed To Leave You Grinning

Picker and Ben / YouTube

Kellie & Reba Celebrate Christmas Together

While Thanksgiving hadn’t even happened yet when Reba McEntire stopped by the set of Pickler & Ben in 2017, some country stars were already thinking about Christmas. McEntire certainly was, as she served as the host of the CMA Country Christmas special, which aired at the end of November 2017.

Kellie Pickler was another country singer who already had visions of sugar plums dancing in her head at that time. Prior to McEntire’s visit, the set of Pickler & Ben was transformed into a dazzling winter scene.

So when McEntire stopped by the set of the show, you can bet it was one big Christmas-themed celebration. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without some fun holiday-themed games!

A Christmas Guessing Game

Pickler’s co-host Ben Aaron, McEntire, Pickler, and an audience member all got together to engage in a game of Christmas charades. The four walked over to the side of the set, where a giant gold ball was displayed on a pedestal. That ball contained pieces of paper which listed different Christmas-related people, places, and things.

McEntire and Pickler were on a team, and seemed like a promising match at the start. When McEntire had to act out the word “mistletoe,” it took Pickler no time at all to guess the word.

Pickler and Ben / YouTube

But everything got adorably awkward from there, as McEntire didn’t realize that she was supposed to keep going again and again before the 45-second timer ran out. Because of her confusion, it took a little bit longer for her to get Pickler to guess her next object, “wrapping paper.”

Getting The Hang Of It

Pickler eventually got it, and McEntire had time to draw one more word. The word she ended up with was “fruitcake,” and as hard as she tried to get the point across to Pickler, she couldn’t figure it out!

Pickler and Ben / YouTube

The two ended up losing the game, but still had a fun time! Now you can watch them play in the video below.

If you’re in need of a smile today, this video will surely give you one!