The beautiful town of Listowel in Ireland buzzed with excitement as it prepared to make history with an extraordinary gathering of Dolly Parton impersonators.

More than 1,000 people flocked to the small Irish town, aiming to set a new world record for the largest gathering of Dolly Partons in a public space. This event is not just about breaking records, it’s a celebration of all things Dolly!

Hundreds of Dolly Parton imitators gather in an Irish town to set the world record.

Organizers went to great lengths to ensure that the Dollys in attendance are “instantly recognizable” as the legendary 77-year-old country music icon. Attendees are required to don a full head-to-toe Parton-inspired costume based on one of her iconic outfits from the past. The town even brought in expert advisors to guide aspiring Dollys in their fashion choices. Their advice? “If in doubt, think ‘Am I serving Dolly Parton?'”

Listowel, known for its vibrant community spirit, needed a minimum of 250 qualified Dolly impersonators to claim the record. But, they far exceeded expectations! Dolly Day officials are committed to maintaining the authenticity of the event and carefully assessed each participant’s resemblance to the Queen of Country before granting entry.

Why Listowel? Well, it turns out that Dolly has quite the fan base in Ireland.

Her enchanting song “We Irish” has struck a chord with the Irish people, who have embraced her wholeheartedly. As Dolly herself once said in a 2020 interview, “The Irish have always loved me, and I have always loved them. We speak the same language.” And this event is the ultimate testament to that love.

The organizers of Dolly Day pulled out all the stops to ensure an unforgettable experience. The real Dolly Parton, in her true generous spirit, has donated an incredible prize for auction: two nights of luxurious accommodation inside her beloved personal tour bus, aptly named “Suite 1986.” Now, that’s a prize fit for a true Dolly fan!

Danny Russell / Facebook

The entire community rallied behind this remarkable event. From Peter McGrath, known as “the oldest Dolly in town” at 95 years young, to Martin Chute, the local shop name painter who recently serenaded passersby while wearing a blonde wig, Listowel was alive with the spirit of Dolly.

Stores in the town transformed their displays, showcasing denim clothing, push-up bras, guitars, and American flags. One boutique even sold Dolly-inspired earrings, while the local garden center created a stunning Dolly sculpture made entirely from plant pots. It’s a visual feast for any Dolly enthusiast!

Listowel reveled in the magic of Dolly Day, basking in the camaraderie and celebrating the boundless creativity of its residents. With roughly 12 weeks to wait official word of a world record, only time will tell if this small Irish town will etch its name in the Guinness World Records book. But, one thing is certain: Dolly Day is an event that will be talked about and cherished for years to come.