Tim & Faith Slow Dance Among Twinkling Lights While Daughters Cheer Them On

Faith Hill / Instagram

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill‘s love runs deep.

After so many years of marriage, the country-singing couple still shares a passionate relationship. They frequently gush about each other on social media, and fans love reading their romantic messages.

Tim once bragged about Faith’s beauty alongside a photo of her rocking no makeup and pink streaks in her hair. “Dang, I love this girl!” Tim captioned the photo.

He also indicated that the photo was taken by their eldest daughter, Gracie. But some people got confused, and thought it was actually Gracie in the photo, not Faith.

Tim was flattered, and cleared the air in the comments, saying, “Mmmm…so sweet y’all think this is our daughter, however it IS Faith….I’m the lucky one!


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Dang, I love this girl! ?: Gracie

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A little over a week later, it was Faith’s turn to brag about Tim.

Tim dropped his newest album, Here On Earth, on August 21, 2020. To celebrate the album’s release, Faith worked with her and Tim’s three daughters (Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey) to throw him a surprise album release party.

In a post on her Instagram, Faith said that this was the first time they ever had an album release party as just a family.

Yeah, I know…..Honestly, it is the truth,” she wrote. “We have never listened to one of our new albums with just the girls. Ever.”

Faith and the girls decorated the house with twinkling lights. After it got dark, Faith and Tim moved among the lights and began slow dancing to “Damn Sure Do,” one of the songs on his new album.

Their daughters cheered for them as Tim carefully dipped Faith mid-dance before bringing her back up. From there, the two moved even closer together as they danced, appearing lost in their own little world.

Reflecting on the night, Faith wrote, “An unforgettable evening for what in my humble opinion is one of the greatest albums Tim has ever recorded.”

Look below to see the video Faith shared of her and Tim’s romantic dance.

In addition to “Damn Sure Do,” one of the other songs featured on Here and Now is “I Called Mama.” Tim released the track in May as the album’s lead single, and it has since touched the hearts of millions of country fans.

While speaking to The Boot, Tim recalled how Faith reacted when he played the song for her for the first time:

So I sat down at the kitchen table and started singing it, and I couldn’t get through it,” he said. “I got to the chorus, and every time I tried to get to the chorus, I would fall apart on it. She would start crying because I was crying.”

When you watch the official music video for “I Called Mama” below, you’ll understand why Tim and Faith had such an emotional reaction to the song.

We love how Tim and Faith always support each other’s music!