Tim & Faith’s Daughter Films Herself Singing Broadway Song

Gracie McGraw / Instagram

When your parents are country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, chances are you’re going to like to sing. In their eldest daughter Gracie’s case, she turned out to love it – and she’s good at it, too!

She proved her vocal chops several years ago when she joined her dad on his song “Here Tonight” for his 2015 album Damn Country Music.

Since then, fans have been keeping a close eye on Gracie’s social media since she posts a lot about her life and her singing. While she was raised on country music, Gracie loves musical theater and often posts videos of her singing Broadway songs on what she calls “Showtune Saturday,” “Showtune Sunday,” and “Musical Monday.”


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In her latest installment of “Showtune Saturday,” Gracie covered what she calls “the number one used audition song, ‘On My Own’ from Les Misérables.”

She said, “I thought it was finally time to bite the bullet and just go for it. So here we go!”

Gracie began singing the emotional ballad from the award-winning show Les Misérables, which changes keys three times and is a difficult song that does a good job of showing off vocal range, which is probably why it is the most-used song to audition with!

In the musical, the song is sung by Eponine who is in love with Marius, though he loves another woman named Cosette.

Standing in her Nashville apartment, Gracie  began the song very softly but belts towards the end and got a little emotional by the final note.

Watch her full performance below. We have no doubt that she will be on Broadway one day!


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