Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Post Photos Of Daughter Gracie To Honor Her 23rd Birthday

(Left) Tim McGraw / Instagram/(Right) Faith Hill / Instagram

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have always worked to keep their three daughters out of the limelight. Fans saw little of Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey when they were young, but now get the chance to see photos of the three girls from time to time.

Gracie and Maggie have both been away from home for years, while baby sister Audrey is currently in her last year of high school. Since the girls are older, Tim and Faith are more willing to share pictures and videos of them, especially on their birthdays.

Sometimes, Tim and Faith will even share a few throwback pictures of their daughters in their younger years. Fans are always happy to see these pictures, since they are a rare look into what the girls were like as children.

When eldest daughter Gracie turned 23 on May 5, her mom celebrated the occasion by sharing one such throwback photo. The picture shows Gracie wearing what Faith called her “favorite” pair of overalls, which were covered with Teletubbie patches. Tim’s mama can be seen in the mirror in the picture.

When you wake up on the day your oldest daughter has just turned 23 years old and you find this photo that shows just how fast time flies,” Faith wrote. “I don’t have the words…..This photo just brought me to tears.”

In addition to sharing the adorable throwback of a young Gracie, Faith also included a more recent picture of her in the post. To close her caption, she described her daughter as “…a young woman who is simply extraordinary in every way imaginable.”


As for Tim, he opted to only share a modern photo of his eldest daughter in honor of her 23rd birthday. The up-close snapshot shows Gracie donning a fun pair of glasses and a floral top while grinning at the camera.

Tim gushed about her in the caption to his post, writing, “She’s always there for her friends Always there for her family….And always there with a big smile and a boisterous laugh We love her so much.”

See Tim’s full birthday post for Gracie below.


One thing that neither Tim or Faith mentioned in their posts is that Gracie is a wonderful singer! 

Back in 2015, Tim released a song called “Here Tonight” on his album Damn Country Music. Gracie was the featured artist on the song…marking her recording debut.

That same year, Gracie joined Tim on stage during a concert in Nashville to perform the song with him live. One concertgoer happened to film the performance and posted it online. That video has since earned over 800,000 views.

You can find that video of Gracie and Tim’s duet performance below. She’s a beautiful, talented young woman, and Tim and Faith should be proud!