Todd Chrisley Hospitalized With COVID-19 For Almost 5 Days

Instagram / Todd Chrisley

Reality television star and real estate mogul Todd Chrisley has been diagnosed with the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, and was hospitalized for nearly five full days due to the symptoms.

The star of Chrisley Knows Best opened up about his current battle against the pandemic virus in a recent episode of the family’s podcast Chrisley Confessions.

“Can we talk about this b**** called corona?” Chrisley said, as transcribed by E! News. “I have been battling corona for 3 weeks. I was in the hospital for 4 and a half days, fever between 100 to 103 [degrees] and it has been the sickest I have ever been on this earth.”

Chrisley’s youngest daughter, Savannah, said that she has “never been so scared in [her] life” than after her dad’s diagnosis.

“When dad started getting sick I immediately started worrying…he and I are the worriers of the bunch,” Savannah said on Instagram. “After a couple days mom and I talked him into going to urgent care…he went in and he was showing all symptoms of COVID-19 so they tested him.”

According to Todd, he is still in the midst of his battle against COVID-19 as it continues to drag on for nearly a month.

“Hopefully, I will get better every day, but as of right now, folks, I still am not clicking on all cylinders. I am probably about 70 to 75 percent of what I normally I am, but that last 25 percent is kicking my ass.”

While he is on the mend and out of the hospital, Savannah says that people who are claiming he “only got tested because the family is wealthy” are wrong.

“He went into an urgent care just like the rest of [you] would. After getting tested he went back home and stayed quarantined in his bedroom for 7 days and then his test came back… POSITIVE… when mom and I read that our hearts dropped.”

After visiting the urgent care center and getting the results back, Todd’s condition worsened and his wife, Julie, drove him to the emergency room. He then was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for nearly a week.

“At one point I fell on my hands and knees and begged God to not take not take my best friend..I would give everything I had if it meant keeping my daddy,” Savannah’s post continued. “I was so desperate that I dropped photos of our family off at the hospital and said ‘If he sees these I know he’ll keep fighting!’ So I guess the point of me telling u all this is so that u take it seriously…STAY HOME! SOCIAL DISTANCE! And most importantly..LOVE HARDER THAN EVER! Life is so short.”

See Savannah Chrisley’s Instagram post below and check out the full podcast episode below where the family talks about Todd’s fight against COVID-19.