People Howl At The Moon & Elk Joins Them

Gary Studwell / Facebook

Due to the coronavirus lockdown and stay-at-home order in the spring of 2020, people began to feel restless and looking for things to do.

One thing some people have joined together to do is howl at the moon every night at 8pm from their windows and porches. This was a trend started by a Facebook group called Go Outside and Howl at 8pm and the group has gathered a lot of members who are willing to participate.

The group’s description says, “Every night at 8pm in your time zone, take a minute to step outside and let out a cathartic howl! Let’s see how many people the world over we can get to howl in one night!” 

One man from Evergreen, Colorado named Gary Studwell was outside recording a video of this phenomenon. Many people in his area were howling right as the clock struck 8 pm and something truly hilarious happened. An elk decided to join them and let out a loud bugle.

A bugle (or bugling) is an elk’s version of howling. They usually bugle for one of three reasons: they do it to either locate another elk, to show a sign of dominance, or to call a mate to them. We’re not exactly sure why this particular elk decided to join in on the 8 pm howling session, but it sure was funny and you can see this video for yourself below.

Listen To Elk Joining Folks Howling At The Moon