Trisha Tells Garth, “I Want To Punch You” After Hot Pepper Challenge

Facebook/Garth Brooks

Tackling one of the internet’s hottest new challenges, Garth Brooks recruited his wife Trisha Yearwood to help him complete it and donate money to a great cause!

Appearing on his Facebook Live session aptly titled Inside Studio G, Brooks announced that he had been nominated for the newest ALS Challenge to raise money for the fight against ALS. Not one to shy away from helping a great cause and participating in the effort to contribute to ALS research, Brooks happily accepted it – but with one catch.

The ALS Hot Pepper Challenge is the successor to the famous ice bucket challenge and has folks eating some of the hottest peppers they can – while donating to the cause.

Standing in front of the camera, Yearwood is the one holding a plate of spicy peppers while Brooks just has a coffee mug in his hand. As he tells the camera, “I don’t do hot peppers…I’m a wuss! My wife, however – she’s the man of the family!” 

Rebutting that statement, Yearwood said, “Just because I like spicy food, I’ve been roped into this situation.”

To his credit, Brooks did have some “hot pepper” in his cup, but was in the form of some heated up Dr. Pepper soda pop that definitely didn’t have the same kick as Yearwood’s habanero!

Downing the pepper in one bite, Yearwood doesn’t pull any punches and jumped right in the midst of the challenge! Her face welled up with some tears, and she was clearly feeling the heat!

“I can see your poor little eyes!” Brooks said to his wife. “Do you want some hot Dr. Pepper? It’s HOT.”

“I wanna punch you!” she eeped out in between gulps of milk.

Watch this hysterical video segment from Inside Studio G below and let us know what you think about their challenge and nominations!