Tucker Beathard Drops New Song, “Brother,” Weeks After Brother’s Fatal Stabbing

Tucker Beathard / YouTube

In the early hours of December 21, police responded to a call they received about a bar fight at Dogwood Bar on Division Street. The fight had gotten so out of hand that three men were stabbed.

Unfortunately, two men were killed in the stabbing, with one of the deceased being Clayton Beathard. The 22-year-old was the brother of country singer Tucker Beathard and 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard. His father, Casey Beathard, is an award-winning country songwriter.

The other man who lost his life was Clayton’s good friend, 21-year-old Paul Trapeni III.

After days of searching, police arrested a suspect, 23-year-old Michael D. Mosley on Christmas Day.

The Metro Nashville PD shared photos of Mosley’s arrest on Twitter. “Mosley will be booked later today on 2 counts of criminal homicide and 1 count of attempted criminal homicide for Saturday morning’s stabbing of 3 men, 2 fatally,” read the department’s initial tweet about his arrest.

Even though the man who did this was caught, it doesn’t make it any easier for the victims’ families. One way that the Beathard family seems to be healing is through music.

Tucker took to Twitter on Monday (Jan. 13) to release a brand-new song that he’s actually had for a few years called “Brother.”

I wrote this song right after my brother Clay graduated high school, it was on my heart to write a song about the relationship dynamic between me and my brothers,” he tweeted. “This song has taken on a lot deeper meaning now that Clay is in Heaven. I know he’s still watching over me. Psalm27:1

He also shared a music video, which shows home videos and photos of Tucker and his brothers, Clay and CJ, growing up together. It’s clear the three brothers had an incredible bond.

We are keeping the Beathard family in our prayers.

Watch the full video below.