TV Reporter Freezes As Dog Or “Possible Mountain Lion” Interrupts Her Shot

Facebook / Morgan Saxton

It was pitch-black outside when Morgan Saxton from KUTV 2 News got a visit from an unexpected guest. Saxton came out to a remote area of Spring Lake, Utah where she was planning to cover the flooding that had been affecting the community. What happened next was shocking.

During her live report, Saxton was looking down at her script discussing possible damage from the storm. When the reporter looks up, she realizes the camera crew weren’t the only ones enjoying the segment.

“What you’re seeing is… well actually a dog coming into our live shot”, she laughs nervously as the dog comes closer to her. “Uh, I think it’s a dog… I’m not sure.”

The animal walks right passed her just barely skimming her leg. Saxton remained ridiculously calm as she tried to quickly finish her report. “There’s some sort of creature below me,” she exclaims while clearly hoping for her safety.

The camera switches over to the studio where her colleague plans to do the weather report. Instead, the meteorologist expresses her concern for the young reporter.

“I hope that’s a dog too. If not, go get in the truck! Chase is freaking out, he doesn’t think it’s a dog!”

It wasn’t long before the Internet jumped on the debate over whether this animal was a friendly neighborhood pup or a feisty mountain lion. Experts all over the Midwest fought their argument in favor of mountain lion, with Saxton being on board.

Several hours later, the unsolved mystery took a turn. Saxton posted to Facebook with two photos revealing who really joined her early morning broadcast. A biologist came to the sight to check the paw prints left in the mud. According to the expert, the paws reveal to be those of a friendly canine. The second photo sent in by the dog’s owner is a close up of the dog, pointy ears and all.[0]=68.ARClvagXXynyf-zHYPBu5f8JdTgoIFmLqx3LrXvwi0NXrM9r3FiRxxqYH7C0maj9FH3eAmrzeUieyXgcQXqO29eLPLHEJuPNRYbAOQB-9oIScrBd3CJwvmB4YOA0daz20J_VM0R0b8YfbBXcuG4iFZICYPslBlAdlJHZuQfPJJ0rG8PN6kNvgw&__tn__=-R

Although the evidence shows a high possibility that it was just a dog, the Internet still isn’t having it. Tell us what you think from the live broadcast below.