Twitter’s Wild Comments On Tennessee Asking For Donations For Torn Down Goalposts

As many of you may have already heard, Tennessee beat Alabama for the first time in 16 years, and the fans attending the game celebrated by ripping off the goalposts and carrying them out of the stadium to throw them into the Tennessee River.

The SEC has fined the school $100k for allowing fans to access the competition area and in addition to that, they can not play next week’s game unless they buy new goalposts priced at over $100k each.

The University of Tennessee released a public tweet revealing they started a GoFundMe-type page and now social media is going crazy over that as well.

“Y’all remember how we tore the goalposts down, hauled em out of Neyland and dumped em in the Tennessee River? Yeah that was awesome,” the school’s tweet said. “Anywho, turns out that in order to play next week’s game, we need goalposts on our field. Could y’all help us out?”

As of October 18, more than 2,900 fans have chipped in and raised $158,213, which met the school’s goal of $150,000. There is still 13 days remaining to raise more money and the donations appear to keep rolling in.

However, people took to the comments to make fun of the school for even asking or expressing how they don’t think the school shouldn’t be looking to the fans to pay for it since the football program already brings in so much money.

Take A Look At Some Of Those Comments Below






Tennessee’s football program is estimated to be worth $726.8 million, according to a study done by Dr. Ryan Brewer, who is the Division Head and an associate professor of finance at  Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus.

According to the latest Associated Press poll, Tennessee has now moved up to the No. 3 spot in College football rankings with Georgia being No. 1 and Ohio State being No. 2.

In addition to that, new footage has been released showing that the university has already replaced the goalposts. Take a look at the video below of them installing the new ones!