Two Men Try To Get Gator Drunk, It Bites One Guy, They Go To Jail

photo credit: Facebook / William R Cox Photography

Pouring Beer Down An Alligator’s Throat

Two young men from Florida have been arrested for allegedly grabbing an alligator off the side of the road and trying to pour beer down its throat to get it drunk.

photo credit: Fox13 / Martin County Sheriff’s Department

The Story Of How It Happened

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report, someone complained about 27-year-old Timothy Kepke and his 22-year-old friend Noah Osborne when they saw a video online of the guys and the gator.

The video showed Timothy trying to get the alligator to bite his arm so that its mouth would stay open. Once he got the gator to bite him they poured beer down its throat in which made the alligator react very aggressively.

The guys were reportedly sipping on a few beers themselves and after they were unsuccessful at getting the gator to drink they released it back into the wild.

The Consequences Of Their Actions

That happened on August 26th and the video circulated the internet until someone reported them and a police officer showed up to Timothy’s home where he admitted to being the person in the video.

A police report was filed at that point and on October 3rd Timothy and Noah were arrested and taken to the Martin County Jail where they both were released on bond. Timothy had to pay $5,000 and Noah had to pay $2,500.

Since the arrest, the video was taken down, however, below is a news report story of another time this exact same thing happened.