Two Women Almost Die After Swing Breaks Over 6,300-Foot Canyon

UncleRandom @Random_Uncle_UK / Twitter

A crazy video has surfaced on social media of two women falling out of a giant swing and almost falling off the edge of a 6,300-foot cliff.

It happened at a place called The Swing Over Sulak Canyon which is located in the Russian Republic of Dagestan. The swing is positioned on the edge of the canyon and it’s basically a two-person bench held up by four chains connected to metal beams.

The video showed a man pushing the two women while a group stood around watching. Everything seemed fine and dandy until on one of the swings forward, the right front chain snapped and broke.

The break in the chain caused both of the women to fall forward off the 6,300-foot cliff. Onlookers screamed in horror as they watched. However, fortunately for them, there was a small wooden platform located just beyond the cliff edge that broke their fall and caught them.

“The women got scared and sustained scratches, but neither of them suffered serious injuries. It is chilling to imagine what could have happened if they slipped when the swings were at a maximum height,” Dagestan law enforcement said, according to NDTV.

The Ministry of Tourism in Dagestan said that an investigation has been launched into the incident. Already they have stated that the swing “did not meet safety standards” and will be looking into a way to not have that ever happen again in the future.

Watch Footage Of The Swing Breaking Below

Another Video Angle Of The Swing Breaking Below