TX Man Nabs 4lb Fish In Flooded Houston Street

Andrew Mattheis / Facebook

Tropical Storm Imelda dumped over 40 inches of rain in Texas last week and over the weekend.

One man was at his local Whataburger when the water levels rose, so he was waiting until they went down. While he was waiting, he found a fish stranded in the floodwaters on the feeder road near I-45 and Cross Timbers.

The man then hooked the fish and brought it back to his truck – Whataburger in hand – so he would have dinner later on.

An ABC13 employee was on hand and captured footage of the man bringing the fish, which witnesses thought was a trout, but was later being reported as a bass, to his vehicle.


“It’s going in the firepit,” the man told ABC13.

Watch the video below.