Shark Filmed Eating Dead Horse After Hurricane Dorian

YouTube / Reel Hooker Fishing & Outdoor Adventures

Warning: Video Contains Graphic Content – Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Within one day after the devastating Hurricane Dorian reached North Carolina, outdoor and fishing enthusiast Kevin Harris from Reel Hooker Fishing & Outdoor Adventures filmed a truly shocking and remarkable part of nature.

Harris was offshore fishing that day and making his way through the massive debris fields left after the storm when he came upon the carcass of a horse who had been killed in the storm.

For more than 500 years, wild horses on the shores of North Carolina have survived a huge number of storms ranging from mild to deadly – and usually, the only ones killed during events as severe as this are either elderly or sick.

A horse that died during early September’s Hurricane Dorian was caught up among the other pieces of debris as Harris motored by – but something seemed different to him as he looked.

It was then he noticed a 12-foot tiger shark making its next meal out of the deceased horse. But, such is the cycle of life.

The video below contains some graphic footage of a dead horse and the shark eating it.

Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised