Very Awkward Kip Moore Interview Will Leave You Asking “Why?”

107.7 WGNA YouTube Channel

Country music artist Kip Moore found himself in quite the predicament earlier this June when he graciously sat down for what would go down as the most uncomfortable interview yet! Moore was scheduled to be interviewed by 107.7 WGNA DJ Nick Kessler for the inside scoop on his upcoming local events, but the typical interview routine was interrupted by terrible jokes and pure awkwardness! 

We knew the interview was headed south when interview Nick Kessler kicked off the experience by asking Moore, “Do my hands smell like gas? I feel like they smell like gasoline…” as he proceeded to slowly offer his hands in Moore’s direction to smell! 

Moore declined the generous offer and responds with a rebuttal.

“I mean, you don’t smell good, but you don’t smell like gas,” Moore flatly assures the DJ.

The ditzy DJ doesn’t stop there. He continues with the already train wreck on an interview and asks Moore, “So, Kip Moore… I think the fans want to know, more of what?” 

In a poorly planned attempt to create a playful pun with the artists last name, Moore is left unimpressed and rather confused. However, the shameless interviewer presses on! He continues to ask Moore the first relevant question thus far into the interview regarding his upcoming local performances, all the while excessively nodding his head throughout Moore’s response. An irritated Moore calls out the Kessler and the radio DJ casually brushes it off.

We wish we could say that this interview improves from this point, but, sadly, it continues to remain an interviewer’s worst nightmare!

The interview takes an unexpected turn to the idea of a prospective Celine Dion duet, calling for a Titanic reference from Moore in regards to him and Kessler reenacting the iconic song wrapped in each others arms while sharing a bathtub! Oh, boy!

Ultimately, Moore directly informs Kessler that his interview was the “worst” he’s ever had and smoothly excuses himself from the scene of the crime!

However, with credit to the DJ and the WGNA radio station, we must disclose that it was later identified as a prank on the country music singer (who handled himself very well, might we add!). The interview was all in good fun, as Kessler is notorious for his comedic energy and humorous WGNA office videos! 

We are very grateful this was a comedy piece and not a genuine interview, seeing that these interview skills were FAR from the standards upheld by the greats, such as Larry King and Howard Stern!

Regardless, everyone was able to have a good laugh from this video, some sooner than others! Kudos to Kip Moore for being such a great sport!

You can have the same, full awkward experience that Moore encountered by watching the interview below!