Video Appears To Show Moose Running On Water

kristy_234 / TikTok

When you picture a moose it’s safe to say most people picture a large, heavy creature lazily strolling through the woods. It’s hard to envision moose as being quick and agile but a certain video is enough to make people reconsider their abilities.

A video recently popped up on the internet that shows a moose running alongside a boat. What’s unique about the situation is that both the moose and the boat are both in a river and the moose appears to be running on top of the water. The creature has enough speed and eventually crosses in front of the moving boat and heads toward the other side of the river.

The clip, which was taken in Alaska, is more of an optical illusion.

The moose isn’t really running on the water’s surface as it might appear at first. The reality was that the moose was running along in shallow water, but because it’s so large and tall, it looks like he’s traversing the water’s surface.

The woman who uploaded the clip is most likely riding along the shallow water in an airboat, which is flat-bottomed and capable of riding in extremely shallow waters.

Watch the clip below to see for yourself!