Video Captures Man Accidentally Shooting Himself Through The Cheek At Gun Range

Gun safety isn’t something to take lightly. Every year, numerous gun accidents happen to people who have been properly trained to load, carry and shoot the weapons. One Ohio man is recovering after a day at the gun range went wrong.

Around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening (June 16), an unnamed man was at the gun range shooting a 9mm automatic handgun. Surveillance video shows the man fire his gun at a target. When he did so, the ejected shell went down the back of his shirt. The shell, hot from being discharged, caused the man to scramble in an effort to get it out of his shirt. The man held the gun in his right hand as he frantically worked to get to the shell. In the process, he brought the gun to his face and accidentally discharged the weapon.

According to Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand, the bullet went through one cheek and exited out the top part of the other cheek.

“He obviously had no control over it. He didn’t know what his hand was doing…and then pulls the trigger in the middle of it,” said Hildenbrand. “This is why you have to be educated when you have firearms. You can’t just own a firearm and think that you know what’s going to happen.”

No charges will be filed against the man. He is expected to make a full recovery. Watch the surveillance camera footage in the video below. NOTE: Some viewers may find the footage disturbing. View at your own discretion.