VIDEO: Iguana Bites Woman’s Hand While She’s Doing Beach Yoga

Da Iguana Gal / Twitter

A lady in the Bahamas was on the beach filming a video for social media and displaying her yoga skills when an iguana snuck up on her and bit her hand.

“I get bite from an iguana today (smiling face emoji with a tear) was bleeding,” Da Iguana Gal wrote on Twitter.

The video showed the woman bent over in one-handed-back-bend with her other hand stretched out doing a yoga pose when the reptile started to creep up on her.

It must have thought she had some food in her hand or her fingers looked like something to eat because it looked hungry. She was completely oblivious as the iguana was sneaking up on her. It ran straight up to her and looked directly at her hand.

With a leap off the ground and eyes locked on her fingers, the iguana jumped up and bit her. She quickly dropped down to the ground and hid her hand behind her back as she looked around to see who the culprit was.

The iguana took off running a few feet and stopped as she looked down to examine her finger. She then threw a handful of sand at the lizard to scare it further away from her.

When she posted the video to her Twitter account, within three days it was viewed more than 3.5 million times. She even updated her Twitter name to have the lizard emoji in it and calls herself “Da Iguana Gal.”

Watch Video Of Iguana Biting Girl Doing Yoga Below