Video Shows 2 Cars Doing Donuts, Stopping Traffic On Memphis Interstate

FOX13 Memphis / Facebook

FOX13 Memphis shared some wild video footage showing vehicles backed up bumper-to-bumper on Interstate 240 due to a couple of cars doing donuts in the middle of the street.

It allegedly happened near Walnut Grove Rd and the Memphis Police Department said they got multiple calls around 10pm from people reporting on the illegal activity.

The footage was recorded by a bystander a few cars back from the drivers doing donuts. Two cars were seen burning tires and doing synchronized donuts together as they blocked off the six-lane highway.

FOX13 Memphis said the person who originally filmed the video has been reached out to but they said they are not interested in doing an interview, nor do they want their name released to the public.

The Memphis Police Department have launched an investigation into the matter but have not given any public reports on if they have leads or if they were able to track down the mischievous outlaws.

Police say that it is because of the popular Discovery Channel television show “Street Outlaws: Memphis” that more people are wanting to do crazy stunts like this. Authorities say they want to put a stop to this “dangerous” behavior.

Watch The Two Cars Doing Donuts Below