Video Shows Common Snapping Turtle Vs Alligator Snapping Turtle During Feeding Time

Corbin Maxey / Facebook

Animal expert, biologist, and television personality Corbin Maxey shared an incredible video on Facebook showing the major differences between his alligator snapping turtle and common snapping turtle during feeding time.

Can you guess what the difference is? 

In the video, Corbin can be seen holding a raw piece of chicken leg with a pair of tongs and dangling it over the alligator snapping turtles head.

The alligator snapping turtle was submerged in an aquarium full of water and once Corbin dangled that chicken leg over the water, the reptile slowly brought its head out to investigate.

Very slowly, the turtle grabs the chicken leg with its powerful chompers and took it underwater to swallow it whole. The turtle definitely looked to be full-grown, probably many years old.

After that, Corbin showed a younger, common snapping turtle that was climbing up some rocks in the aquarium to get a piece of meat that was on a pair of tongs that was dangling over the tank.

Things went a little different during this feeding…the common snapping turtle used its long stretchy-neck abilities and within the flash of a second, stretched its neck a good 4-5 inches out of its shell and snagged the meat off the tongs, dashing back into the water.

Watch Footage Of The Turtles Below