‘Voice’ Contestant Explodes Onto Stage With Bad Ass Allman Brothers Cover

The Voice YouTube

If you weren’t familiar with ‘Voice’ contestant Brendan Fletcher before, then this performance is sure to land the name on your musical radar for good! The promising singer, ridden with unbelievable talent, stunned the coaches which his beyond spectacular performance of a rock classic! Confidently taking the stage with his guitar and uncanny vocals, the singer rocked out to The Allman Brothers’ classic hit “Whipping Post”. 

As the stage lighting transitioned from a variety of colors and mysterious angles, the Team Adam singer embraced the darkness and channeled a performance that chilled the audience! Fletcher’s raspy vocals gave an incredibly edgy sound to the rock hit, in addition to his beyond powerful stage presence and raw emotion. As the song came upon its finale, the searing stage lights began to pulse and flicker, assisting in Fletcher’s commanding and forceful finish. 

The singer was previously quoted in his ‘Voice’ bio as saying, “music hasn’t been paying the bills”, although we can assure the singer that his performance will definitely get his musical career rolling.

Watch the performance below and tell us what you thought!