Walmart Employee Wrestles With Deer That Snuck Into Store

WKOW 27 NEWS / YouTube

It was a wild day for the employees and customers at a Walmart in Baraboo, Wisconsin after a deer made its way into the supermarket.

Video shared by WKOW 27 News shows Lisa, a Walmart employee, on top of the deer, holding it down as she was trying to keep it from hurting itself and other employees.

She was also keeping the deer from messing up the store by knocking items off the shelves, which is common in situations like this.

The deer tried multiple times to get up off the floor and to escape but each time Lisa repositioned her weight over the deer perfectly so she could keep it held down.

WKOW 27 NEWS / YouTube

Fortunately, Lisa was very good at keeping the deer contained until others were able to help her usher the deer out of the store. Once they got it outside, it took off running back into the wilderness from which it came.

“The witness said the deer got into the store somewhere in the back of the building,” WKOW 27 News reported. “Managers at Walmart declined to comment on the incident.”

Watch Footage Of The Deer In Walmart Below

State officials say there was an estimated 1.6 million deer in the state of Wisconsin post-hunt in 2020. There were 1.8 million in 2019, and 1.5 million in 2018.

The population is so massive that there was a hearing on April 20th, 2021 where participants overwhelmingly voted to allow hunters to harvest the white deer. They even cut wolf hunting season short so that there are more wolves to feed on the deer.