Live Footage Shows Great White Feasting On Seabird

Caters Clips / YouTube

It was quite an afternoon for a group on a boat tour off the coast of Port Lincoln, Australia after a great white shark emerged from the depths and engulfed an entire sea bird.

The incident took place June 3rd while Benjamin Kessler was on the shark tour and witnessed the wild moment in nature. The group he was with had just stopped the boat to throw some tuna chum into the water to attract the sharks.

The chum was apparently so tasty to the sea creatures that some petrel sea birds flew down onto the water to try to steal a free meal. The great white sharks would come up and surface the water multiple times right next to where one of the birds was floating.

The petrel didn’t seem to be bothered by the sharks swimming so close and held its ground hoping to get another bite of chum. At one point, a shark even swam after the bird and tried to eat it, but it managed to flap its wings well enough to get out of the way and land back down on the water.

Caters Clips / YouTube

With the entire boat crew watching and expecting the worse, it finally happened. A 12-foot shark lunges out of the water right underneath the bird and takes the most massive bite taking it back down onto the deep blue sea.

The spectacular footage that the group got to witness firsthand was shared on YouTube and you can watch that video below.