Ree Drummond Sets Food On Fire, Has Priceless Reaction

Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman / Instagram

Have you ever felt bad for burning your dinner or forgetting an ingredient in your favorite recipe/ Don’t fret, because even experienced cooks like “The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond make mistakes in the kitchen from time to time!

Even though Ree has been cooking for years, she recently experienced a small screwup that left one of her dishes looking not-so-good. But she took the whole thing in stride!

Ree wasn’t too ashamed of her mistake. She shared a video on social media showing what went down.

Filming went great today,” Ree sarcastically captioned the clip. The video shows her walking over to a tray of unidentifiable food that was covered in flames. Ree calmly walked over to the tray and blew the fire out, while someone off-camera jokingly shouted “Happy Birthday!”

Ree chuckled as she carried the tray off to the side so she could get back to work.

Talk about a priceless reaction! We’re glad Ree was able to find the humor in such a discouraging situation.

Her followers loved seeing this side of Ree. They had some funny things to say in the comments on Instagram:

The calm stroll to cooktop, sheet pan aflame, is awe inspiring,” wrote pastry chef and Food Network show judge Gesine Bullock-Prado.

This is probably the first time I’ve seen you cook something that I most definitely could copy at home,” teased another commenter.

Good to know even the experts flub up sometimes…makes me feel better about my non-chef self,” someone else wrote.

Watch your hair girlfriend!” one helpful follower advised.

You can catch the video of the whole ordeal below. It’s quite comical!