When Do Todd & Julie Chrisley Have To Report To Prison?

Todd Chrisley / Instagram

Reality stars Todd and Julie Chrisley will get to spend one last Christmas with their family before reporting to prison to complete their respective 12 and 7 year sentences.

Todd, 53, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Julie, 49, was convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud and conspiracy to defraud the United States. In addition, she received wire fraud and obstruction of justice charges.

The Chrisleys starred in the USA Network show, Chrisley Knows Best, along with their children Lindsie, Kyle, Chase, Savannah, Grayson, Chloe and Todd’s mom, “Nanny” Faye Chrisley. The show premiered on USA Network in 2014. According to Deadline, USA Network renewed the show for a tenth season about a month ago. They will release a few episodes that were filmed before the trial.

Savannah and Chase got their own spinoff in 2019 called Growing Up Chrisley. The premise of the show was that they were trying to prove to their father that they could make it in the real world without his help. After three seasons on USA, the show moved to E! for its fourth, and now, final season. Their last episode aired October 19, 2022.

Both shows, in addition to a dating show Todd was set to host, have been cancelled after their sentencing was announced. Fans have also wondered when Todd and Julie will start serving their sentence. Since they have two children under the age of 18, there was speculation that they would serve separately. Now we can de-bunk that conspiracy.

According to CBS News, “Both will be required to report to prison on Jan. 17, according to documents filed by the U.S. Marshals Service this week.”

Todd will report to Federal Prison Camp Pensacola, which is a minimum security prison that holds close to 350 inmates in total and has “dormitory housing, a relatively low staff-to-inmate ratio, and limited or no perimeter fencing.”

Julie, on the other hand, will serve her 7 years at a medium-security prison in Marianna, Florida with a minimum security satellite campus called Federal Correctional Institution Marianna. The prison holds 1,222 inmates combined. CBS reports that “Medium security prisons have strengthened perimeters, such as double fences with electronic detection systems, and mostly cell-type housing, according to the BOP. There is a higher staff-to-inmate ratio. They offer a variety of work and treatment programs, but have greater internal controls than low security prisons.”

It hasn’t been revealed if Julie will be at the medium security prison or the minimum security satellite campus.