Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Surprise Former “Voice” Contestant At Ole Red Tishomingo

JAY ALLEN / Instagram

After being a coach on The Voice for 22 seasons, Blake Shelton has worked with tons of aspiring singers. Naturally, many of those singers end up performing at one of Shelton’s Ole Red restaurants once they’re done on The Voice.

There are currently five Ole Red locations. They’re located in Tishomingo, Nashville, Gatlinburg, and Orlando. There’s even an Ole Red location in the Nashville airport! A new location is set to open in Las Vegas sometime in the future.

The Ole Red in Tishomingo was the first to open. It happens to be near Shelton’s home in Oklahoma, so he occasionally pops in for a surprise visit.

Shelton and his wife, Gwen Stefani, surprised fans when they stopped by Ole Red in Tishomingo just two weeks after their wedding in July 2021. They performed several songs, including their #1 country duet “Nobody but You.”

More recently, Shelton and Stefani popped into Ole Red in Tishomingo to surprise a former Voice contestant who was performing there.

Jay Allen competed on the most recent season of The Voice (Season 22). He moved the coaches with his performance of Cody Johnson‘s “‘Til You Can’t” and performed an original song about his late mother.

Both Shelton and Stefani turned for Allen’s audition. Surprisingly, he ended up picking Stefani to be his coach.

But Shelton got the chance to coach Allen as well. After Allen lost his battle performance, Shelton used his “steal” to bring Allen onto his team.

Allen ended up losing his knockout to Bryce Leatherwood, and was sent home. Leatherwood went on to be named the winner of Season 22.

Although Allen was eliminated early in the season, he seems to have formed a close connection with both Stefani and Shelton. So he was touched when the two of them surprised him during his show at Ole Red in Tishomingo:

Dang… Blake and Gwen surprised me last night and showed up for my last show of the year at his hometown @olered in Tishomingo, OK,” Allen said on Instagram. “Icing on the cake, it was sold out and my new in-laws were side stage with all of our Oklahoma family & friends. You can’t plan moments like this…

Allen also shared some photos he took with Shelton and Stefani, which you can see below. That was so nice of them to come support him at his show!