While Doing Her School Work, 8-Year-Old Girl Shoots 12-Point Buck

photo credit: seannickell72 / Instagram

8-Year-Old Girl Spots 12-Point Buck While Doing Her Homework

In the middle of the woods in Jackson, Mississippi, 8-year-old Kate Fortner was in a deer stand with her mother, Lisa. She was doing her school work when they spotted a big buck.


Lisa spotted the deer first as Kate was working on her paper and told her daughter to look up. Kate lifted up the rifle and peeked through the scope to see the deer her mother was talking about and as she did a BIGGER deer popped out beside that one.

Kate said to her mother, “Mama, there’s a second one. I’m going to shoot the second one,” according to USA Today.

Her mother looked over towards the second deer with her binoculars and begun to get nervous because it was the biggest deer she said she had ever seen. Standing about 160 yards away Lisa made a grunting sound which made the buck stop and look around.

Kate honed in on the 12-point buck and pulled the trigger. The big guy jumped into the air and took off running, making it about 80 yards before he fell over dead.


“I was excited, really excited,” Kate said according to USA TODAY. “I was jumping up and down and high-fiving. He was the biggest one I’ve ever killed.”

They climbed down out of the deer stand and went over to collet the buck and Kate smiled as she posed for a picture with her .308 Ruger rifle. This is officially the 6th deer she’s harvested.

That’s right, Kate is only 8 years old but before this hunt, she had already harvested 5 other deer. It started at age 3 when she got a .22 Crickett rifle for Christmas and by the time she was 4 years old she killed her first deer using a tripod to hold the gun.

Now, this young hunter has already beaten many veteran hunters by getting the 12-pointer and says she’s ready to go much bigger, like a mule deer or an elk.