Who Died In Season 5, Episode 6 Of “Yellowstone”?

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Sunday night (Dec 12), Paramount Network aired the sixth episode of Season Five, titled “Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You.”

Episode five left off with John Dutton, Rip, Beth, Kayce, Tate, and all the ranch hands ride off to gather all their cattle for the annual branding event. Old timer Emmett Walsh also joined in on the two-day trek.Emmett is played by Buck Taylor, who got his start on the TV western Gunsmoke.

Chairman Thomas Rainwater’s right hand man, notices military helicopters flying over his house, so he jumps in his car and follows them. He comes across a stage with a huge security and police presence. Mo comes to learn that the President of the United States is coming to speak, and to endorse a young man named Martin, who we met last episode, for Rainwater’s job. Angela, who is an advisor to the president, was all-too-happy to let Rainwater know about this.

Back on the ranch, Summer helped Monica and Gator, the Yellowstone cook, get ready for the branding feast. Eventually, Summer goes for a walk and comes across the family cemetery and is in awe of just how long the Duttons have been on the property. Monica reminds her that her people were here longer. Summer comes across Baby John’s grave.

Monica says, “When I say we give everything to this land, I do mean everything.”

This gives Summer a new perspective of what the Yellowstone ranch really means.

The crew gets all the cattle wrangled together a lot faster than they thought, so the cowboys had some downtime to enjoy the beauty of the West. Rip and Beth snuck off to an incredible meadow, where Rip said is the spot he wanted to get married. It was a place neither of them had any memories, making it the perfect spot to start their lives together. They spend the night together under the stars…if you know what we mean!

Kayce and Tate enjoyed some father-son time – and Tate sure loved every minute of his experience. Perhaps this is prepping him to take over the ranch one day! John Dutton and Emmett Walsh find a good spot to lay their heads for the evening and they talked about what a great day was had.  “If it wasn’t perfect,” Emmett said, “it was damn close.” Emmett falls asleep immediately, using his saddle as a pillow.

When the morning came, John went to wake Emmett up, but he had passed away in his sleep. Beth, Rip, and John’s assistant, Clara Brewer, arrive and are shocked by Emmett just lying there. Clara calls EMS immediately and John tells his daughter and son-in-law to not be sad about it because “I couldn’t’ve dreamed up a better death if you paid me.”

As the cowboys lead the cattle back to the ranch, John and Clara stay with Emmett to make sure the EMS helicopter takes him. They then ride back as fast as they can so John can inform Emmett’s wife before she figures it out herself that he didn’t return. She sees John riding in ahead of the pack and she just knew. Breaking down in tears, she asks John, “How?”

“He just died on the trail, like every cowboy dreams it,” he tells her.

John kneeled down and hugged her, giving her a literal shoulder to cry on. We cried at this moment, too.

After the branding, the ranchers, ranch hands, and many others celebrated with a fest and live music. Abby, a country singer, performed again and her romance with ranch hand Ryan was sealed with a kiss. John’s love triangle with Senator Perry and environmentalist Summer was in full effect, with both women getting a little jealous of the other. During the same scene, Carter was asked to dance by a young girl – and it was so cute!

Elsewhere, Jamie and Sarah Atwood, Market Equities’ lawyer, spent the day at Jamie’s house mostly naked. Jamie explained some of his insecurities, calling her out for possibly using him to get what she wants. Later, he asks her to help him win governor in four years and he will help her company build the airport and resort, but she says four years is too long. That night, they are watching the news, which had a story about John Dutton missing a visit with the president due to his ranch duties, including consoling a grieving widow.

Jamie says that it’s hard to win a fight against his father, and Sarah eerily says that maybe they will have to make sure John Dutton doesn’t show up to the fight.

The preview for next week revealed there are only two episodes left until the mid-season finale. As we reported earlier in the year, this season will have 14 episodes, split into two parts. We know we can’t wait for what’s ahead.