Ashley McBryde’s Bandmate Involved In “Near Fatal Accident”

Ashley McBryde / YouTube

Ashley McBryde shared the news on Sunday (December 11) that her bandmate, Wes Dorethy, was involved “in a near fatal accident” a few weeks prior. Ashley said:

I haven’t said much about it yet because I’d been holding my breath waiting to hear that he’s ‘out of the woods.’ A few weeks ago our band mate Wes was in a near fatal accident.”

Derek Huber, who organized a GoFundMe page for Wes, shared some more information about Wes’ accident. Derek said:

Wes was in an ATV accident that crushed his pelvis, damaged his organs, and has resulted in having to endure multiple surgeries already.”

Thankfully, Ashley said Wes is now “on the road to recovery.” But it looks like it will be a long road for him.

As Ashley shared, musicians often don’t have health insurance. Derek explained Wes’ situation on GoFundMe, saying:

As a budding musician, Wes does not have health insurance, and he was rejected by Medicaid. On top of all the medical bills, of course, there are regular bills. Van payment, rent, insurance, utilities, etc.”

Ashley shared the link to the GoFundMe fundraiser Derek established to help Wes pay for his medical bills and other expenses. You can find the link for the GoFundMe here.

Country music takes care of its people. Thank you, y’all,” Ashley wrote at the end of her post about Wes. You can read the full post below.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Wes as he recovers.