Who Is Replacing Harrison Ford As Indiana Jones?

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Indiana Jones is perhaps one of the most popular adventure movie series to have ever been filmed and a fifth installment is currently underway. Harrison Ford will once again take on the role of the famous professor/archeologist but it’s looking like it will be his last adventure.

According to Daily Mail, Kathleen Kennedy, the Hollywood producer behind the franchise, is looking to make changes that include someone else taking up the torch as Indiana Jones. While no official announcement has been given, the news source claims that Kennedy is considering switching the lead character to a woman.

The chosen actress is rumored to be Phoebe Waller-Bridge who is currently set to star as Indiana Jones’s sidekick for the upcoming film. Bridge is best known for creating, writing, and starring in BBC’s TV series, Fleabag. 


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It’s rumored that she will take over as the main Indiana adventurer, making her the first female lead since the Disney-made movies began in 1981 with Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


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Meanwhile, Ford has returned to filming for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, three months after production ground to a halt due to his shoulder injury. The 79-year-old suffered a shoulder injury while filming a fight scene and had to undergo surgery but is now recovered.