Why ‘The Voice’ Is At Fault For Kelly Clarkson’s Terrible & Tear-Filled Birthday

The Voice / YouTube

Even though Kelly Clarkson‘s birthday was on Tuesday (April 24), she had some important business to attend to. That business all had to do with The Voice, which was airing live that evening.

The episode was an especially tense one, since it was the night that one of the top 12 contestants would be sent home packing. Each coach was hopeful that their teams would remain intact, perhaps none more so than Clarkson.

As you’ve been able to pick up on from watching Clarkson on The Voice, she isn’t the least bit afraid to speak her mind. And at multiple points in the episode, she made it clear that she didn’t want her birthday ruined by losing one of her singers.

But that soon became a possibility, as Team Kelly singer D.R. King was revealed to be at risk for elimination. He was forced to compete in the “instant save” round, during which he sang the Temptation’s “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone.”


King’s performance was a valiant effort, but Clarkson still couldn’t help but get a little nervous over the thought that he may be eliminated. As everyone waited for the instant save results to roll in, Clarkson made it clear she didn’t want to be upset on her birthday.

In a passionate plea to her fans on Twitter, Clarkson asked everyone to please keep King in the competition. “Come through on my birthday!” said the teary-eyed coach.


However, despite all of Clarkson’s pleading and threats of tears, King was still eliminated at the end of the night. As promised, Clarkson was an emotional mess when it was announced that King would have to go home.

Later, Clarkson took to Twitter to express just how upset she was over King’s elimination. She also made it clear that losing him put a real damper on her birthday.

Well that was a crap birthday present,” she wrote. She then made a vow that she would one day have King join her on stage “because that was the craziest mistake ever.”

The clip below captures Clarkson’s emotional response as she waited to hear if King would stay or be sent packing. We’re sorry that his elimination resulted in her having a sad birthday!