Why You Don’t See Episodes Of “1883” On TV Anymore

1883 / Instagram

The new Yellowstone prequel series, 1883, debuted on December 19, 2021. The show’s first two episodes were made available on Paramount+ that day.

Those who tuned in to that evening’s episode of Yellowstone on regular TV got the chance to see a preview of 1883 immediately after Yellowstone ended. This preview was the 1883‘s entire first episode.

A banner across the screen directed viewers to Paramount+ to watch Episode Two and future episodes in the series. Later, viewers had the opportunity to see Episode Two as a preview on TV after another episode of Yellowstone.

1883 is now five episodes deep, and only its first two episodes have aired on TV. Despite the clear advertising that these were previews, some viewers missed the memo. This has caused confusion, as fans of the series wonder why it suddenly disappeared from their TV guides. It’s because the other episodes are all on Paramount+.

Paramount has never tried to hide the fact that 1883 would only be available to watch on Paramount+. In fact, it was announced the show would be a Paramount+ exclusive right from the get-go.

An August 24, 2021 article from Deadline references both 1883 and another Taylor Sheridan-created series, Mayor of Kingstown. The article states:

Both [series] will air exclusively on Paramount+, though the debut episodes of both series will also air on the Paramount Network following new episodes from ‘Yellowstone‘’s fourth season.”

So if you’ve only seen Episodes One and Two of 1883, check out Paramount+ to get caught up on the rest of the series! All future episodes will be released there, with the next one being released on January 30.

Catch a preview of the most recent episode, “The Fangs of Freedom,” in the video below.