Baby Deer Caught Jumping To Incredible Heights Over Road

WildLense Eco Foundation / Parveen Kaswan / Twitter

A group of people filmed a baby deer jumping to incredible heights while it was crossing a dirt road.

The incident took place in India and was filmed by Indian Forest Service Conservationist, Parveen Kaswan who spends a lot of time in the wild monitoring and preserving wild animals and their natural habitats.

WildLense Eco Foundation / Parveen Kaswan / Twitter

Parveen forwarded the video over to the India-based environmental group WildLense Eco Foundation who shared it on Twitter. Within just a few days, it’s been viewed more than 220 thousand times.

“And the gold medal for long & high jump goes to…..” the foundation wrote in the caption about the high-flying deer.

The footage was filmed in slow-motion so we can see the deer running at full speed up a hill to get to the road.

WildLense Eco Foundation / Parveen Kaswan / Twitter

However, once it made it to the road, the deer jumped full force into the air and went over the road and many meters down the side of the hill on the other side.

“Wow, never seen such a long jump from anybody but this one is literally flying,” a person commented on the video.

Another wrote, “Yes the gold medal goes to daring ‘Deer’ what a jump! I can’t believe this.”

This isn’t the first time a deer has showcased incredible abilities to jump insanely high to get away from danger. Back in March 2021, a driver’s dashcam recorded a deer jumping over an entire car as it was driving down the road in Michigan.