Wild Horses Appear To Float Down Arizona River

Dogtooth Media / YouTube

58-year-old Kelli Rogers captured to most mind-bending video of a couple of horses standing on top of the water in an Arizona river and they appeared to be weirdly floating down it.

Kelli said she was spending last month with her excited grandkids when they noticed the two horses while she was paddle boarding on the Salt River in Tonto National Forest.

She grabbed her phone and recorded a video, and in that video, it appears the horses are standing on a raft or something as they float down the river. However, this was all an optical illusion.

Dogtooth Media / YouTube

The fact is–the horses were really standing in shallow water and being completely still as Kelli was on her paddle board moving down the river past them, giving the illusion that the horses were moving, but in fact, they weren’t.

According to the Daily Mail, Kelli posted the video to TikTok and said, “It was crazy. It wasn’t until I got home and looked at the video that I was like “oh, they look like they’re floating. It was one of those moments where they were stood completely still in a few inches of water. As we passed by, they didn’t move. They just don’t stand still like that often.”

Kelli’s followers commented on her post joking about it and comparing it to the movie Titanic saying Jack and Rose from the Titanic should have fit on the door together if two horses could fit on a raft.

‘”Ok start over; if they fit, Jack totally had enough room! Rose needed to move over,” one commenter said.

The video got more than 8.3 million views and more than 1.1 million comments and likes.

One viewer said, “Why did I think these horses were on a raft floating down the river so majestically?”

Another said, “It took me like six times watching to realize that you are floating down stream and they aren’t moving.”

Another TikToker said, “I thought my eyes were deceiving me…until I realized you are the one going down stream…what a capture… just beautiful.”

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