Willie & Korie Robertson Say New Eating Habits Will “Shock You”

Willie Robertson / Facebook

“So we’re about to shock you guys,” Korie Robertson said on a recent episode of At Home with the Robertsons.

Korie and her husband, Willie, of Duck Dynasty fame have welcomed cameras back into their home. It’s not another reality show, but real-life topics are talked about with guests they invite to their home.

They’ve talked to NFL players about the national anthem protests, a former beauty queen about pageants, and recently, they welcomed a vegan chef into their home to talk about hunting and animal activism.

The thing that Korie said would shock everyone, was that she and Willie went vegetarian for a few months last year.

Korie said, “So we heard about all these professional athletes that are vegan, and we were like, ‘Hey! We want to look and feel like them, so we might as well try it out!”

Willie joked that they sometimes feel like professional athletes!

Plus there were some health benefits in the bedroom that might have contributed to your decision,” Korie said, making Willie go wide-eyed and let out a chuckle.

Watch the clip below. 

In another clip, Willie and Korie prepared a completely vegan meal for their family – and Korie found out that when they were vegetarian, Willie cooked everything in bacon grease!