Woman Feeds Wild Alligator With Pair Of Kitchen Tongs

Ken Sutton / Facebook

Ken Sutton from Southport, North Carolina was enjoying an evening with a lady named Sis at her house when he filmed a wild encounter with an alligator. 

According to Ken’s Facebook post, it was an “afternoon on the deck [with] whiskey and water and [his] Sis and her best friend [the gator].” 

Ken Sutton / Facebook

They were both in the backyard when the video started, Ken was standing on the porch and Sis was at the bottom of the stairs. In the distance, you can see a large alligator making its way from the lake towards them.

Sis had a pair of kitchen tongs in her hand with a chunk of meat clinched in it holding it out for the gator. The gator made slow and calculated moves towards Sis as she gestured to the gator letting it know she had food for it.

Ken Sutton / Facebook

Slowly but surely, the gator walked all the way up to the end of the stairs and took the meat off the kitchen tongs. The gator quickly turned around and ran back towards the water, not taking any risks and holding its prize in its mouth.

Let’s just hope that it doesn’t surprise her one day when she’s coming down the stairs and don’t have any food for it…it could get really ugly. Experts say never feed a wild animal because it will get familiar with human contact and oftentimes that turns into them attacking a human. This leads to the animal having to be euthanized.

Watch Footage Of The Gator & Woman Below