Woman Fined $7000 & Sentenced To Jail For Opening Salon During Lockdown

Shelley Luther / Facebook

Shelley Luther was thrown in jail on Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 because she would not apologize to the court for opening her salon business, Salon À la Mode, during the coronavirus lockdown in Dallas, Texas.


Shelley posted a Facebook live video on April 28th saying she hasn’t earned money since her business was forced to be closed down in March. Since then, she’s only received a small business loan from the federal government for assistance.

She doesn’t believe it’s constitutional for the government to tell her she can’t earn money and she has many supporters who agreed with her. Some of her supporters sat outside the courthouse and watched from their phones as she met with the judge. She told the judge she couldn’t feed her family and her employees couldn’t feed their families either.

Shelley Luther / Facebook

“If I have to go to jail to prove a point that what they’re doing is totally unconstitutional, then that’s what happens, I’m not scared to.” Shelley said in her Facebook live video.

On Tuesday, Judge Eric Moyé charged Shelley a fine of $7,000 and sentenced her to serve seven days in jail. Then he told her if she apologized for her actions of being selfish and putting her own interest in front of the community, he would waive the seven days in jail.

Shelley said she has much respect for the court and laws of Texas but she disagrees with the judges ruling and will not be apologizing or shutting down her salon.

Judge Moyé says she will be charged $500 each day it’s open between now and Friday when the new rules take effect. Warren Norred, Shelley’s attorney, promised he’d get the decision appealed. Shelley says she encourages other businesses to open their doors and not be afraid to stand up for their constitutional rights.

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