Woman Picks Up Bobcat Kitten & Gets Bitten

Liberty, Missouri Police Department / Twitter

Liberty, Missouri Police Department in Kansas City released a public statement on Twitter warning the locals not to pick up bobcats after a woman found one and was injured after she picked it up.

The department said the woman was in the northern part of Liberty when they received a call from her saying that she needed help after finding the animal.

Police didn’t say but she may have thought it was just a normal kitten and found out the hard way that it was, in fact, not and actually a baby bobcat who wasn’t happy about getting picked up.

The bobcat kitten bit her on the thumb immediately after she picked it up and that’s when she put it back down and called 911.

Officers drove out to her location near Highway 69 and 33 while calling the proper wildlife experts to come to assist them with the wild animal.

Liberty, Missouri Police Department released the statement to let everyone know that if they see a strange kitten with extra large paws on it, don’t pick it up.

Police said in the post on Twitter, “A word of advice…if you want to pick up the cute little kitten to pet it, make sure it is not a bobcat first!! They do bite and scratch. #Meow.”

Police added that fortunately, the woman didn’t require any additional medical attention or aid. See a photo and the public statement below.