“Yellowstone” Season 4 Finale Recap

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Well, folks. The time has come for us to recap the Season 4 finale of our favorite TV show, Yellowstone. How did 10 weeks come and go so quickly?!


So without any further ado, let’s recap!

The episode starts with Beth packing her things in the middle of the night. Rip wakes up and confronts her about what she’s doing. She says she isn’t wanted at the ranch anymore but he convinces her otherwise. Rip also reminds her that if she leaves, he might not be there when she comes back.

She goes into her father’s room, apologizes, and asks if she can stay. John says yes and tells her he loves her, no matter what. She promises to fight the way her dad wants her to fight.

The next morning, she walks through the stables, where Carter is working and he says, “Hey mama.” She replies without hesitation, “Hi baby.” This stops her completely in her tracks and tells Carter he can’t be calling her that, since she is not his mother. He said she’d been acting like it and because he didn’t have one, he figured she could be his. Beth reminds him that they are friends and you only get one mother in this life, and they both lost theirs.

Beth then approaches Walker to ask him a few things about prison, like how to sneak a weapon in to kill someone and if you can get conjugal visits.

Rip sees the interaction and asks Walker what it was about. Walker was up front with him, so Rip rode over to Beth telling her that if she needed someone gone, he would do it for her. She assured him she would be careful.

In the bunkhouse, everyone is playing cards, including Laramie and Mia. Jimmy walks in and all the guys are excited to see him. They ask him if he needs to pull up a chair, and he says he needs two. He then introduces Emily as his fiancée. Wait, what?!?!

Mia goes off the handle and punches Jimmy. Emily then punches Emily and they brawl a little before the guys break it up and Mia and Jimmy go outside to talk. She accuses him of not fighting for her, which he didn’t. Then she asks him to choose between her and Emily. He stayed silent and she understood he’d be choosing Emily.

John watched the entire interaction and Jimmy apologizes and after only a few minutes together, John says, ” Texas was good for you.”

Jimmy said he’d be paying John back his debt and then figuring out his next move. John says he has no debt and can leave if he wants, but he always has a place at the Yellowstone.

When Beth gets to work at Market Equities, her boss accuses her of tipping off the New York Times about their struggle in Montana. Beth denies it, but her boss says she is going to sue Beth for violating her non-disclosure agreement and committing corporate espionage. Her boss assures her that she will build a bathroom right where Beth’s house is. Needless to say, Beth gets fired.

Next, John pays a visit to the judge presiding over Summer Higgins’ trial to see if he can get her sentence down from life. The judge tells John Summer is definitely going to prison, he just has to decide for how long.

The ranch hands need to doctor some cattle and Jimmy locates the one they need. He gets to show off his newfound confidence and roping that he learned in Texas, shocking the rest of the guys. Once they are done, they all have some fun doing team roping.

Jimmy and Lloyd have a conversation about the former potentially leaving the ranch for good and Lloyd essentially gives his blessing, through tears, by telling Jimmy he is a cowboy.

Beth goes to the prison where Riggins is serving a life sentence. She arranges a conjugal visit between the two, where she was going to try to kill him. Instead, she finally finds out that Riggins just took orders from someone and said he “told the other guy.” He confirms it was Jamie he talked to, leading Beth to believe that Jamie was the one who arranged the hit.

On her way home, she sees a priest and pulls over. At home, John, Rip, and Carter are waiting for Beth to start dinner but they can’t get ahold of her. She storms in and tells them all to go outside where the priest is waiting for them. She informs everyone that she and Rip are going to get married and he is elated, although confused since she wanted to get married someplace else. He runs to go get Lloyd since he is Rip’s Best Man. After they become man and wife, Rip surprises Beth with his mother’s ring.

The priest asked John for a ride back to his church and assured him he wouldn’t be pressing charges for being kidnapped by Beth, who used a pistol to do so.

Back at the court house, Summer changes her plea to guilty after Joh ntold her he trusts a jury more than he trusts the judge. She receives multiple prison sentences adding up to 30+ years.

John busts into the judge’s chambers and confronts him on the sentence. Eventually, the judge tells him to get Summer to appeal in a couple days and he will knock it down to eight months. Phew!

Beth shows up at Jamie’s office and tells him she is married and that she went to visit Riggins in prison. Jamie admits to her that the hit came from his biological father. Beth gives him a few options, one of which being that Rip will kill his father, then rip Jamie apart with his bare hands after she tells him that Jamie got her an abortion when she was a teen (while pregnant with Rip’s child) and a hysterectomy so she could never bear children. She also gives him another option, which we don’t see.

Kayce has been partaking in a Native American ritual where he sits for four days and nights to figure out why the wolf keeps showing up for him. After several dreams about his past haunting him, which include his brother Lee’s death and memories from the war, he sees a woman who leads him to a fork in the road and he has to choose with road he will take. She will help him down whichever road he chooses, but he has to make the decision on his own.

When he returns home, he tells Monica he saw the end of their relationship. And they have a baby on the way!

Jimmy makes his decision to leave the Yellowstone and go back the Four Sixes and the bunkhouse gives him quite the send-off. Rip takes him aside to tell him that cowboys don’t say goodbye, they say see you later. Goodbyes come when they are all in the ground. Jimmy and Emily ride off, but not before we see Mia watching them do so.

Finally, we see what Beth meant by “Option 3” when Jamie goes home to his father and shoots him in the head after they exchanged “I love yous.” Of course, Jamie takes the body to the train station to get rid of it.

While he is dragging Garrett’s body to push him off the cliff, Beth takes a photo of him. Beth tells Jamie that she owns him now, and she’s not wrong! He holds the second-highest office in Montana. There’s no way he is going to run for Governor now!

When Beth returns back at the Yellowstone in the early hours of the morning, John asks her if he still has a son. She plays around with him, but eventually admits that yes, Jamie is alive, but they own him now.

Carter approaches with John’s horse to ask him if he is going to go for his usual morning ride. Because of all the ups and downs he just experienced, John tells him he doesn’t see a point in riding that morning. Carter said, “There is no point. It’s just fun.”

John responded, “Guess we’d better ride.”

The season finale ended with them riding off into the distance. While there is no technical cliff hanger, we still have tons of questions! How will Beth control Jamie with this blackmail she has on him? Will John still run for governor now that there is no way Jamie will? What will Christina’s response to all this be? What will happen to Kayce and Monica? How will Beth get out of her fight against Market Equities? Will we see Jimmy’s story continue on Yellowstone or will he move on to the long-rumored 6666 show?

We will have to wait for Season 5, whenever that may be. Check out Yellowstone‘s “Behind the Story” video below.