“Yellowstone” Shares Plans To Air All 3 Seasons In Marathon This Month

Yellowstone / Twitter

Work on the fourth season of the Paramount Network’s Yellowstone series is well underway. But with the debut date of Season 4 still unknown, Paramount is doing something to quench Yellowstone fans’ thirst.

On Wednesday (November 4), Yellowstone announced its plans to host a marathon later this month. Dubbed the “every episode feast,” Yellowstone says the marathon will start from the first episode of Season 1 and end on the Season 3 finale.

For those who may have missed an episode or two along the way, this marathon offers the perfect opportunity to get caught up. Or if you’re someone who hasn’t seen Yellowstone yet but has heard amazing things about it, here’s your chance to see what all the hype is about!

Yellowstone didn’t say exactly when the marathon will take place, but told fans to “stay tuned” for details to come. The fact they called the marathon an “every episode feast” seems to indicate it may occur on and/or around Thanksgiving, which is on November 26 this year.

…get ready to binge all three seasons with us,” the show said alongside a clip showing some highlights from past episodes.

Check out the teaser for the three-season marathon below. We can’t wait to relive every episode of this epic series!