Linemen Almost Step On 6ft Timber Rattlesnake

Pioneer Electric Cooperative / Facebook

Pioneer Electric Cooperative, a member-owned electric cooperative that provides reliable service to more than 11,000 members in southeast Alabama, shared a photo on Facebook of a lineman holding up a timber rattlesnake.

The post stated that linemen almost stepped on the snake as they were working to restore service in the Montgomery, Alabama area after Hurricane Zeta hit.

They said outages are still up to 1,279 people in the area but the team is working at full speed to get everyone up and running with electricity as safely and as quickly as possible.

Pioneer Electric Cooperative / Facebook

The snake was an intimidating chubby timber rattler that stretched over 6 feet long, according to Pioneer Electric Cooperative. They expressed how thankful they were that no crew member got hurt during the job.

The snake appeared to still be alive in the picture shown with a lineman holding it up by the neck with a snake catching pole. You could see the respect the men had for the snake as they looked at it.

It wasn’t disclosed what happened to the snake, but hopefully they released it back into the wild. This definitely is a sign that we should all be careful if we’re hiking on trails or in thickly wooded areas.