“Yellowstone” Star Piper Perabo Speaks About Midseason Finale: “Things Are Going Really South”

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Yellowstone fans are anxiously awaiting the show’s next episode. It’s set to be a big one, since it’s the midseason finale.

The show’s fifth season is longer than any of the past seasons. So it’s been split into two parts, with the first part concluding with the midseason finale on Sunday (January 1). It has not yet been reported when Yellowstone will return following its midseason break.

We’re about to discuss some of the events of Yellowstone‘s previous episode (which aired on December 18). So consider this your spoiler warning if you haven’t seen the episode yet.


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When we last left off, Yellowstone showed many of the characters having a fun time at a fair. But the episode didn’t end on that uplifting note.

Instead, the episode ended with a scene of Jamie Dutton working on a speech. Per usual, he’s scheming against his father, John, and has a plan he’s about to set in motion.

Piper Perabo, the actress who plays Summer Higgins on Yellowstone, spoke about Jamie’s plan in a recent interview with TV Insider. She said:

“I think you can tell that things are going really south because [the seventh] episode doesn’t end at the fair; it ends with [Jamie] practicing that speech. And [Yellowstone creator] Taylor [Sheridan is] very good — if you’re paying attention, he’s telling you where the trouble’s coming from. I think the fact that he ends with that scene is, for those paying attention, he’s showing you.”


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Perabo also teased the events of the midseason finale and beyond, saying:

“There’s a lot coming. Things are on the move. I can’t wait to get back to the back half just because I want to know what happens. I personally only know what happens up to the midseason finale up to that last second, and I don’t know what happens when we come back.”

Perabo didn’t reveal specifics, but she did tell TV Insider the midseason finale will end with “something like” a cliffhanger. That will make it even harder to wait for the show’s return after its midseason break!

If you went to catch up on Yellowstone before the midseason finale, check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at its December 18 episode.