Bar Band Hands Over Fiddle To Woman & She Absolutely Kills It

@skootbutt123 / TikTok

Olivia Reeths was at the Whiskey Bent Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee when she filmed a TikTok video of her mom that went viral getting more than 5.8 million views.

The Moonshine Outlaw Band was performing on stage when Olivia’s mother informed the fiddle player that she could play the fiddle during the middle of one of their songs and he proceeded to hand over his instrument to her.

She graciously took the fiddle and removed her scarf, handing it over to him. Still with her jacket on from just walking into the bar off the street, she started to play her fiddle.

Everyone in the bar turned around and looked at her when she started playing, mesmerized at how good she was. She effortlessly walked across the room while simultaneously shredding the fiddle.

@skootbutt123 / TikTok

What made it more entertaining is a guy in the bar jokingly grabbed the band member who played the fiddle and pretended that he was kicking him out of the bar.

The fiddle player went along with it, throwing his hands up into the air and walking towards the door with his head down.

After a few seconds, he came walking back into the bar smiling and clapping his hands at the woman who ended her shred-sesh and handed the fiddle back to the man.

The bar wasn’t the only one who was entertained by the moment. Once Olivia posted the video to TikTok, millions of others also enjoyed the performance.

Watch The TikTok Video Below To See It For Yourself