Young Siblings Honor The Eagles With”Seven Bridges Road” Performance

YouTube/Daves Highway

Lining up behind their three microphones, this family band delivers one of the best tributes to the Eagles and their hit, “Seven Bridges Road” that you’ve ever heard.

Covered nearly a thousand times, and performed for countless more, the Eagles’ timeless country hit is a song that nearly everyone knows and one that continues to be incredibly popular today!

Taking on this legendary song, the three Southern siblings showed everyone what they’re made of when they belted out some of the best – and deeply chilling harmonies for a select group at their CD release party.

Paired with just a guitar and three microphones, this brother-and-sisters trio known as Daves Highway, melted hearts and brought back a rush of nostalgic feelings for all of those who grew up listening to Eagles and their greatest hits.

Throughout the entire performance, these three are simply flawless, filling the room with deep emotion, riveting choruses, and an unforgettable blending harmony that will take anyone’s breath away.

Watch Delane, Zachary, and Erika Daves pour their hearts out in this wonderful performance below.