13 Freaky Abandoned Places In The South That Will Keep You Up At Night

2. Dogpatch USA in Marble Falls, Arkansas

Opened in 1968, Dogpatch USA was a theme park based on the comic strip Li’l Abner, which was created by cartoonist Al Capp and set in a fictional town called Dogpatch.

Dogpatch USA was a huge success when it first opened. So much so, that investors opened a sister park, called Marble Falls, which was going to be a ski resort with a convention center. That venture did not go as planned and forced Dogpatch to close in 1993. Afterwards the park fell into disrepair.

Throughout the years, the theme park went through several different ownership groups and in 2014, the owner at the time re-opened it as an ecotourism village. In December 2017, it was purchased by David Hare of Heritage USA who plans on turning into Heritage USA Dogpatch Resort in 2018.

There are still a few existing rides to explore at Dogpatch USA, and they’re as creepy as that slide.