5 Fast Facts About Trace Adkins’ Career-Defining Album ‘Something’s Going On’

1. There’s A Nod To Buck Owens In One Song

Credited as one of the main pioneers of the Bakersfield Sound, Buck Owens was a true country legend. Owens managed to score 21 number one hits over the course of his career, including “Act Naturally” and “I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail.”

Although they’re from two completely different eras in terms of country music history, Owens inspired Adkins’ performance in one of the songs on Something’s Going On. That song is the emotional “Whippoorwills and Freight Trains,” which showcases the lowest end of Adkins’ range.

That was for Buck Owens,”Adkins said during an interview with Billboard. “Buck took me under his wing early on in my career. He told me one day, ‘Trace, that low note you sang, you need to do that in every song. That’s really all you got going for you.‘”

Of course Owens was kidding, but Adkins’ ability to sing way down low is what sets him apart from everyone else!