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    Country Singer Lost Dad At 13, & Her New Song, “Daddy, I Told You” Will Shatter Your Heart

    For anyone who’s lost their dad, you’ll understand the power of this song from Ashley Monroe’s new album, Sparrow.

    Music has a way of reminding us where we were when something happened, of promises made and dreams to fulfill.

    When you reach for your phone to call your dad and realize he’s no longer there, when you feel his arm around your shoulder, telling you he’ll always be there for you, when you hug him tightly one last time, knowing it might be the last…

    When you wake up to the truth it really was the last time you would hug your dad. That’s where songs like Ashley’s can hold your hand and lead you to a little comfort.

    The lyrics of “Daddy I Told You” are an unspoken conversation, an unanswered phone call, an unsent letter to a father who is no longer here, but everywhere.

    Ashley sings:

    Daddy I told you I was gonna fly
    I’d get out of that town alive
    Don’t worry, I kept your name and your picture in a frame

    Every father wants the best for their child, even if it means moving away and enjoying fewer visits. As a child, no matter your age, you know there will be a day when one of your biggest champions isn’t there to see you succeed, to cross the finish line and declare victory. That’s when you have to believe your loved one is somewhere nearby watching you.  

    Ashley got into music when she was 11. A short two years later, he dad died from cancer. Fast forward to Ashley at age 31 and she’s standing on the shoulders of all who’ve loved her and pushed her to pursue her dream.

    Remember how you made me sing them hymns on the back porch
    Daddy, don’t you know I’m carrying your spirit like a torch

    Everyone grieves in their own way. For Ashley, her music collects her tears and lends a little comfort. Life will never be the same, but that won’t stop this girl from pushing forward.

    Brother’s havin’ babies, momma’s getting strong
    Things are changing
    Daddy I think you knew it all along
    I keep chasing down a dream
    That’s bigger than you and me.

    Have you ever lost someone close to you?  What do you think of Ashley’s song?


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    Little Big Town Brings Their Children On Stage For Special Performance Of Hit Song

    Seeing as this was the music video debut for their kids, it makes total sense that they’d join them on stage! During Little Big Town‘s Saturday (April 21) performance, the band brought up their children, while the music video for their song “Happy People” played on the screen behind them.

    Most of the kids were showing off their best “floss” dance, made famous by the ever-viral “Backpack Kid,” but two of the girls got to help Karen Fairchild sing lead!

    One of those girls that took the mic is Kimberly Schlapman’s daughter Daisy, while her baby daughter Dolly also made a sweet appearance! Schlapman shared an adorable photo from the night on Instagram.


    Jimi Westbrook and Karen Fairchild’s son is the little boy wearing the Star Wars shirt. The married couple called him over to finish the song and give him a kiss on the head, which was so cute!

    Watch the sweet family moments below.

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    “Idol” Star Gives Miranda Lambert A Run For Her Money

    An 18-year-old contestant blew everyone’s mind when she delivered this intense cover of a Miranda Lambert classic that surely dropped jaws.

    Taking the stage during Monday night’s live American Idol show, young Gabby Barrett discovered her fate in the competition before singing this rowdy country cover.

    Ryan Seacrest gave each contestant from the Top 14 their good or bad news and then they were required to sing as per the rules. Four of them were sent home leaving just the Top 10 to move onto the next round.

    “America thinks you’re a star,” Seacrest said to Barrett as she anxiously awaited her results. “You’re in the top 10, congratulations.”

    The high schooler, who earned her spot in the Top 10 with a cover of Miley Cyrus’ heartfelt ballad, “The Climb,” chose a very different sound for her next performance.

    During Monday’s episode (April 23rd), Barrett queued up a riveting rendition of Lambert’s beloved 2015 hit, “Little Red Wagon.” Surprisingly, Lambert’s song is actually a cover from another artist named Audra Mae – who first released the original in 2012.

    Now, almost half-a-decade later, this bright and talented Idol star is giving it a whole new vibe!

    Check out Gabby Barrett’s performance below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Former President George H.W. Bush In Intensive Care Hours After Laying His Wife To Rest

    Former President George H.W. Bush is in intensive care, according to CNN.

    “President Bush was admitted to the Houston Methodist Hospital yesterday morning (April 22) after contracting an infection that spread to his blood. He is responding to treatments and appears to be recovering. We will issue additional updates as events warrant,” spokesman Jim McGrath said in a statement.
    The 93-year old was admitted with an infection that led to sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition. A source close to the situation also told CNN that “Bush’s blood pressure kept dropping and a couple of times there was serious concern about whether he was going to come through, but that he had been stabilized.”
    President Bush’s hospitalization came less than 24-hours after his wife of 73 years, Barbara, was laid to rest. The couple shared an affinity for country music and in 1991 became the first and only Presidential couple to attend the CMA Awards. They’ve enjoyed friendships with many of country music’s greatest talents over the years, including Lee Greenwood, Reba McEntire and The Oak Ridge Boys.
    At the end of the 1991 CMA Awards, host Reba McEntire acknowledged President and Mrs. Bush and invited them on stage to close the program.
    Watch President Bush address the CMA Awards crowd in the video below.
    Our prayers are with President Bush and we wish him a full recovery.
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    Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Learns To Run

    Pumpkin was born with a deformity, in fact, she was born with four deformities.

    Because of the way she was bred, Pumpkin ended up being a dwarf pony with serious health issues. The family that owned the mother and child didn’t have the resources to fix the pony’s legs, so they surrendered Pumpkin and her mother to the Twist of Fate Farm and Sanctuary.

    “Twist of Fate is a sanctuary for all the animals no one else wants,” explains Ashley DeFelice, the site’s founder and a much-involved caretaker.

    “We help the animals nobody else wants, we show them love and give them a place to live out their lives.”

    “We always give the animals a fighting chance. No matter how many people tell us ‘you can’t fix that,’ we always try,” DeFelice emphasizes.

    When Pumpkin was born, it was obvious that all four of her legs were deformed. After seeing her try to walk, Ashley wasn’t sure they’d be able to help her. What took over then, she recalls, was her motherly instinct. Pumpkin was so young; she deserved a chance. Ashley was going to be sure Pumpkin got that chance.

    Even with the braces, the doctor said Pumpkin’s survival would depend on her spirit and will.

    Twist of Fate arranged for Pumpkin to be fitted with braces to strengthen her legs. If that didn’t work, Ashely says, they “would have to make another decision.”

    Wonder what happens to Pumpkin? Watch this video and get the full story.

    What do you think of Pumpkin?


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    Blake Shelton’s Opener Dishes On His Girlfriend Gwen Stefani

    Carly Pearce notices every little thing when it comes to hanging out with famous friends.

    Carly was lucky enough and beyond overjoyed to join Blake Shelton on his 2018 Country Music Freaks Tour. During that time she not only got to spend time with Blake, but she also spent some unexpected and much appreciated time with one of her biggest idols, former Voice coach and girlfriend of Blake, Gwen Stefani.

    Carly was hoping that at some point she would cross paths with Stefani. When the moment arrived, she was excited and a little nervous at the same time, Carly was “too scared” to ask the famed No Doubt star for tips on fashion, but confirms (in case there’s any doubt) that Stefani is just as glamorous as one would expect.

    “She is as awesome and rocker, bad girl as you would think, but also one of the most down-to-earth people in the whole world. She and Blake were so kind to me. They definitely gave me a lot of advice as a young, new artist and told me about their journeys,” Pearce confessed during an interview during the No. 1 party for her first chart-topping hit “Every Little Thing.”

    “Gwen was ‘just as cool as you would think,” gushed the young country star. “…I will say Gwen Stefani looks just like when she’s rolling out of her bus at 10AM on the Blake Shelton tour, as she does on stage. She’s never not ‘Gwen’d.”

    “I don’t know how to explain how much fun the tour was,” Carly continued.

    With Trace Adkins, Brett Eldredge, and getting to meeting her idol, Gwen Stefani, could it things been any better for Carly Pearce?

    Who would you LOVE to meet?  Who’s YOUR music idol?  We want to know…

    While you’re thinking about your answer, take a listen to Carly below and see why “Every Little Thing” became her first number one hit!

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    Carrie Underwood Reveals Hysterical Bedtime Moment With Isaiah

    With her son just turning three years old, this country music queen is experiencing all the fun parts of being a parent – something that many of us can relate to!

    Carrie Underwood, who recently debuted a brand new song and made her return to live television after suffering a nasty fall in November, has begun to promote her latest musical project to various radio stations.

    As part of her various meetings and interviews with some popular country music talk shows, Underwood gets to share parts of her life that not many would hear about otherwise – like her favorite recent memory with her son, Isaiah.

    Sitting down with Nashville’s own Ty, Kelly & Chuck morning show, Underwood and the hosts shared some hysterical stories about their kids – and the funny antics they pull!

    “He’s funny…and he knows he’s funny,” Underwood said of her son. “And if he says something funny even if it’s kind of inappropriate and you laugh, which it’s so hard not to – he’s not gonna let it go.”

    Continuing her story, Underwood says that she and husband Mike Fisher along with Isaiah were all getting ready for bedtime and saying their prayers before going to sleep.

    “We were saying our prayers and I was kind of cuddling with him upstairs and it was all quiet,” she went on. “So it was all quiet and we were like ‘In Jesus’ name, amen’ and all of a sudden he whispers ‘Mom’.”

    So, Underwood expected her kid to be sweet and say something like “I love you” because he usually does that, but much to her surprise he said something completely different that sent her into a fit of laughter.

    “He says ‘Mom!’ and I said ‘Yeah, babe?’ and he says ‘You stink!'” Underwood recalled with a huge smile. “Out of nowhere! I didn’t stink either!”

    With that, all four of them cracked up in laughter over little Isaiah’s funny moment!

    Watch Carrie Underwood’s full interview and story below – and tell us if you have a similar memory!

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    Shania Twain Receives Backlash For Comments About President Donald Trump

    After disappearing from the spotlight in 2002, the best-selling female artist in the history of country music, Shania Twain, is preparing for her first album tour in over 15 years.

    While Twain has earned herself a global following over the course of her career with millions of fans residing in the United States, the singer is a Canada native rendering her unable to vote in any country but her own. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have opinions on the politics that go on in United States.

    In a recent interview with The Guardian had she been able to vote in 2016 Presidential election, Twain would have cast a vote for Donald Trump.

    “I would have voted for him because, even though he was offensive, he seemed honest,” the Canadian singer shared with The Guardian. “Do you want straight or polite? Not that you shouldn’t be able to have both. If I were voting, I just don’t want bulls***. I would have voted for a feeling that it was transparent. And politics has a reputation of not being that, right?”

    Following the magazine’s publication, Twain received harsh backlash from fans on social media, many condemning her as a ”Trump supporter.”



    After seeing the backlash her statement caused, the Canadian singer apologized for her controversial comments made in regards to President Trump through a lengthy text post to Instagram, clarifying that her comments are not reflective of her values.


    A post shared by Shania Twain (@shaniatwain) on

    The 52-year-old singer concluded her post by urging that she makes music with an aim to bring people together as her ”history shows.”

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    Sadie Robertson Introduces Her New Boyfriend

    Sadie Robertson, the darling of the Duck Dynasty clan, appeared alongside country hunk Brett Eldredge in his video for “The Long Way.” Acting as his love interest in the movie created a lot of speculation around Sadie and Brett’s relationship, although both repeatedly shot down rumors that they were more than friends.

    Well, it appears as though they were telling the truth as Sadie revealed Friday (April 20) that she does have a boyfriend, but it’s not Brett Eldredge.

    In a photo posted to Instagram, Sadie Robertson and actor Austin North are seen posing for the camera while enjoying ice cream cones.


    North may look familiar to some as the 21-year old has appeared in numerous Disney Channel sitcoms including “I Didn’t Do It.”

    The news of Sadie’s new relationship came as a surprise to fans. Just three weeks ago, the 20-year old told Entertainment Tonight that she wasn’t currently dating anyone. Many of her fans took to social media to congratulate the couple, but others took the opportunity to slam Robertson.

    One fan who claimed that Sadie only chose boyfriends based on their outward appearance got a sweet reply from Robertson who not only defended her relationship with North but also her decision to share the news on social media.

    “I hope you can look past this so you don’t miss out on truly seeing a one of a kind man with a true hear of gold,” Sadie wrote to the disgruntled Instagram follower. “Everyone around me knows I’m extremely careful with what I post on Instagram and have reserved this part of my life for a long time now because I was hurt by it and it scared me from sharing this part of my life with the world.”

    Robertson continues by praising her new man, calling him “kind, intentional and thoughtful.”

    “He makes me laugh….he makes me feel special, he makes me feel like a best friend, he shows me the fruit of Jesus and he leads me to God,” Sadie wrote.

    Congratulations to Sadie and Austin! We wish them the very best.

    Scroll down for more photos of Austin North.

    "what r u looking at bro"

    A post shared by Austin North (@austinnorth55) on


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    Sugarland Brings Taylor Swift Back To Country With “Babe”

    This award-winning duo has done what nobody thought would happen – and they did it in a way that’s sure to be a hit with both country music and pop radio fans!

    Sugarland, who recently came out of hiatus, already have fans shaking in their boots with anticipation of their next hit record. The five-year break allowed both members, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, time to regroup and come back stronger and – as their album’s titled, Bigger.

    Just days before Christmas 2017, Sugarland released their first single in half a decade, titled “Still the Same” and it quickly shot to the No. 1 spot on iTunes’ country chart. Several months later, the pair announced that their new album will hit shelves on June 8th, 2018 and they shared a track listing that had everybody talking.

    What was it that started the rumor mill? Well, on the listing was a song that featured former country princess, Taylor Swift – one of her first forays into country music since moving into the pop genre. Her only other step onto the country charts was penning “Better Man” for Little Big Town.

    Unlike Little Big Town, Sugarland actually has Taylor Swift singing on the track – which she also co-wrote with Patrick Monahan. The song, “Babe,” details a breakup with the blame pointed squarely at the other person.

    “Didn’t want to be the one that got away / Big mistake, broke the sweetest promise that you never should have made / I’m here on the kitchen floor / You call but I won’t hear it / You said no one else / How could you do this, babe?”

    As Sugarland revealed in an interview before the 2018 ACM Awards, the song and collaboration came to them when Swift reached out after they announced their reunion.

    “She was gracious enough to reach out to us when she heard we were coming back together and doing a record,” Bush recalled. “She said, ‘I have a song, would you like to do it?’ And we said, ‘Uh, yeah!’ I was a little anxious. I didn’t want to mess it up!” Nettles added: “But she loved it and wanted [us] to be a part of it, which is exciting. She said, ‘I have a song,’ and we said, ‘Okay. Send it over.'”

    Check out Taylor Swift’s latest return to country music in Sugarland’s video for “Babe” below.

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